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We are a team of professionals with a wide range of backgrounds and experience who are dedicated to making housing attainable for all.


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Yoni Gruskin

Managing Partner

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Connor Larr



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Scott Coggins

Vice President

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Blaise Rastello

Vice President

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Craig Fitchett

Vice President

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Kevin Knapp

Vice President

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Ahmed Abdelhameed

Assistant Vice President

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Ryan Watt

Senior Associate

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Jack Thiel


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Rachel Mohrman


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Tyler Hurst


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Angela Arnholt


Strategic Partnerships

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Heather Lafferty

Senior Advisor - Strategic Partnerships

Asset Management

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Matt Wierichs

Vice President

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Hannah Tuggle



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Mark O’Rear

Senior Vice President - Head of Construction

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Jonathan Harel

Assistant Vice President - Director of Pre-Construction

Finance & Administration

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Bill Licko

Senior Vice President

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Debi Farney

Assistant Vice President, Accounting Director

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Michelle Lovato

Senior Accountant

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Michelle Affrunti


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Maleah Schmidt

Executive Assistant and Office Manager

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